"From academics to the National Security Agency, there is widespread agreement that quantum computers will rock current security protocols that protect global financial markets and the inner workings of government. Quantum computing presents both an unprecedented opportunity and a serious threat."

-US Representative Will Hurd (R-Texas)

The New Paradigm

OLD PARADIGM ( 1998-2015 )


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IoT Vertical Markets

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas companies use IP-enabled smart devices to achieve greater real-time management of remote extraction facilities and tank collection sites. Although the IoT has been a game changer, the convergence of energy and the IOT must become safe and secure in order to make a truly significant impact. APQ SLiM extends security to far-flung facilities and collection sites in order for oil and gas companies to stay miles ahead of vulnerabilities.


The IoT is ushering in a Star Trek-like future in which legacy processes and technologies are being re-architected for the Industrial Internet of Things. At the same time, concerns over data breaches are accelerating at an alarming pace—and justly raising red flags about security. As the application leader in data security, APQ SLiM delivers real-world data protection for the digitally enabled industrial enterprise, bringing the right protection and best-fit solutions to secure your IIoT ecosystem from the edge to the network to the cloud.


The IoT is bringing a  major disruption to retail as it helps retailers improve turnover inventory, enhance supply chain efficiencies, and achieve highly curated experiences. In addition to transforming the retail experience into the way that customers shop, the rpid growth of IP-connected physical devices embedded with sensors has ushered in new threats to consumers and organizations alike. APQ SLiM uses innovative technologies to deliver a proven and viable solution for combatting cyber attacks.

Smart Home

IoT in the hotel management industry is expected to surge to new heights and reach billions of dollars. Not surprisingly, the global fraternity of hotels is greeting the IoT with open arms by offering smart thermostats, lighting, draperies, electronic door locks, entertainment systems, and more to elevate guest comfort, improve operational efficiencies, and control costs. However, smart devices left unsecured are welcome mats for cyber criminals. APQ SLiM keeps IoT-powered hotels airtight by securing data on smart devices and preventing devices from becoming vector points for accessing other parts of the hotel's online infrastructure.

Smart Cities

Smart cities are not only about interconnected technological systems, advanced automation, and futuristic mobility, but also equally about improving public safety, raising quality of services, reducing traffic congestion, and providing holistic citizen satisfaction. APQ SLiM secures a diverse set of requirements within the smart city landscape from environmental monitoring and smart lighting to mobility, public kiosks, and other solutions for smart cities.


"We could find no feasible attack against the system"
- Dr. Russell Impagliazzo, Cryptology Professor UCSD Department of Computer Science and Engineering
“Our world-class enterprise IOT hardware and cloud platform needed an equally world-class security architecture that would stand not only to today’s needs but also in a post-quantum era. Our partnership with AgilePQ allowed us to speed up security delivery across the cyber-physical space at low power requirements and reduced cost, to ensure secure operations across our product portfolio today, and into the future.”
- Ravi Subramanyam, Founder and CEO, iBot
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