With broad global growth of intrusion by bad actors into corporate, government, and consumer networks through newly deployed IoT devices, the security discussion has moved from the engineering conference rooms to the Board room. Until the launch of SLiM, no fully provisioned security solution for Class 0 and Class 1 devices existed. AgilePQ’s ability to integrate and successfully implement SLiM into products of Global 500 companies provides a model around the world to protect valuable network assets with resource-constrained endpoint devices planned or deployed without a secure last IoT mile.
-Paul Clayson CEO, AgilePQ

Small Footprint

  • 2KB dynamic RAM footprint fits anywhere
  • Runs on the smallest (class 0/1) microcontrollers
  • Efficient single-pass algorithm achieves key search spaces in orders of magnitude greater than AES / TLS

Implementation use case
A global IoT device manufacturer uses AgilePQ SLiM to save operating costs by placing our platform on micro-controllers, eliminating the need for a second chip required to run AES/TLS. This IoT device manufacturer is also saving significant bandwidth costs using AgilePQ.


  • Quantum-computing resistant security
  • Code theory implementation of one-way function algorithms
  • Key that changes with every packet
  • Key search-space 429 orders of magnitude greater than AES 256

Implementation use case
American Gas Association actively investigating quantum resistant solutions for all new deployments. Large utilities evaluating AgilePQ SLiM for their IoT architecture to achieve quantum resistant IoT device security.


Implementation use case
A heavy-haul rail company with a Positive Train Control (PTC) system has a fixed 247 bit packet size. Block ciphers typically being 16 or 32 byte blocks do not divide well into 247. AgilePQ technology has the agility to provide a key perfectly matching the 247 bit packet - delivering quantum resistant solution without modifying the packet size.


  • Consumes 50% - 80% less battery power than AES / TLS
  • Faster than hardware accelerated AES / TLS on all platforms
  • Performs Encode/Decode in half to one quarter the time required by AES / TLS
  • Most efficient security on the market
  • Tested and verified on a range of platforms

Implementation use case
IoT device manufacturers and Wi-Fi router technology firms using AgilePQ to extend the life of their battery operated IoT devices.

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